We Exist to grow Together in Faith

God’s grace is a continual presence in our lives. Through studying the scriptures, prayer, and serving others, this grace will grow our love and understanding of God. We invite you to join our small group studies and Sunday school classes to help you grow in your own relationship with God.

During the limited access to the church due to the pandemic, our adult Sunday School classes are being taught as a single, hybrid class at 9:30 a.m. on Sunday mornings. You may attend in person at the church (*must be COVID-19 vaccinated) or you can attend online via ZOOM. All of our mid-week small group studies and Intentional Prayer time are online-only, via ZOOM.

Get Connected to grow: e-mail grow@atlantafirstumc.org for the ZOOM links, information on how to join a small group or attend Sunday School classes, and other learning opportunities.

When: Wednesday, February 2 at 7 p.m.

Where: Online-Only via ZOOM.

February is the month of love. Join Rev. Dr. Byron Thomas, author of Navigating Isaiah, for a special, interactive master class on Isaiah’s Vision of Love, Wednesday, Feb. 2 at 7 p.m. This conversation will be hosted via ZOOM, and a recording will be later posted to our Facebook and YouTube pages. All are welcome to participate. Bring your questions and let’s grow together!

When: Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m.

Where: Limited in-person at the church and Online via ZOOM.

The ceaseless activity of our busy lives can blind us to the awe and wonder of God’s presence all around us, leaving us spiritually parched, empty, and unable to join in the life and work to which God calls us. The Bible lessons in the Engage Adult Bible Study call us to wait and to respond with wonder to the God who came to us in Jesus Christ, thus equipping ourselves to bear witness to our faith.

The class meets online in ZOOM and limited in-person in a classroom at Atlanta First. In-person attendees must pre-register and must be vaccinated for COVID-19. Please send an email to grow@atlantafirstumc.org to register for in-person attendance or to receive the links for the class ZOOM meeting. You can click the link below to order the study guide book from Cokesbury:

When: Wednesday evenings, beginning January 19, 7 to 8 p.m.

Where: Online via ZOOM.

Register: Click here to register or send an email to grow@atlantafirstumc.org.

In this new, short-term, five-session growGroup we join North Georgia UMC District Superintendent, Rev. Dr. Byron Thomas, in exploring the visions of the prophet Isaiah. We consider what it means to accept divine revelation, spiritual estrangement, and answer God’s call in a chaotic world. In identifying with the prophet Isaiah, we seek to “normalize the abnormal” and find ways to give a witness of hope, life, cooperation, and love to all.

This This inter-generational study is led online-only via ZOOM by Jay Horton, our Director of Community Engagement. To register for the class, find links to the study book, and receive the link for the class ZOOM, please visit: tinyurl.com/AFUMCIsaiahStudy.

When: Tuesdays, 7 to 8:30 p.m.

Where: Online via ZOOM.

Register: Send an email to grow@atlantafirstumc.org to register for the class.

The next opportunity to participate in the Disciple Bible Study Series begins in January! This winter we will use the Disciple Fast Track study called Remember Who You Are – The Letters of Paul, which is 12-week study that immerses readers in the letters of Paul.

Pastor Jasmine will lead this class, which will meet Tuesday evenings from 7 to 8:30 p.m.

This Disciple Fast Track is an adaptation of the original, bestselling Disciple Bible Study: Remember Who You Are. The study is ideal for busy people who want to fit an in-depth Bible study into their schedule. The study retains the familiar Disciple format with its theme word, theme verse, statement of the human condition, daily and weekly assignments, and prayer. This study examines the connection between memory and identity as the people of God. Participants will find common themes, including calls to remember, calls to repent, calls for renewal, and calls for community.

To register for the class, find links to the study book, and receive the link for the class ZOOM, please send an email to grow@atlantafirstumc.org.

When: Thursdays, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Where: Online via ZOOM.

Register: Click here to register or send an email to grow@atlantafirstumc.org.

Covenant Bible Study guides small groups through a comprehensive, in-depth study of the whole Bible over twenty-four sessions broken into three eight-session modules. Unlike the learning participants may have experienced in other groups, this study emphasizes the biblical concept of covenant as a unifying theme through both the Old and New Testaments. It underscores the unique relationship that God chooses to have with us as God’s people. This relationship is grounded in the faithfulness of God’s love and on our ongoing commitment to stay in relationship with God while we share signs of God’s love with others.

Each Covenant Bible Study participant needs a Participant Guide and a Bible. The CEB Study Bible is preferred, but not required.

The Participant Guide walks study participants through the daily scripture readings and offers space to interact personally with the readings, the group experience, and the weekly meditations. This single volume Participant Guide contains the materials required for all three modules: Creating, Living and Trusting.

Click here to register for the class and to receive links to the study book and the class ZOOM, or send an email to grow@atlantafirstumc.org.

When: Tuesday nights at 6:30 p.m.

Where: Online via ZOOM.

You are invited to join us for an intentional time of prayer, weekly on Tuesdays at 6:30 pm. You can call in or login on your smartphone, tablet, or computer once a week to pray together. A congregation that prays together is a strong, fortified, and faithful congregation that can endure anything! The prayer time will be hosted in ZOOM. Please send an email to prayer@atlantafirstumc.org for instructions on how to connect to the ZOOM, and to share any prayer concerns you have.